4ARTechnologies at Art Basel París supporting a new NFT+ project

Oct 22, 2022

Our most recent NFT+ collaboration is with artist Beni Moshe. He minted the Yakuza Series Collection in 4ART App and the exclusive drop is available at 4ART Marketplace.


  • Art Basel Paris was a great opportunity, we supported Beni Moshe’s launch but also got involved with important players in the art world. This year’s event gathered 156 galleries from all over the world . 


  • The exclusive works are now available in 4ART Exxhibition App.

  •  “Everyone can display their creativity to the world, each piece is verifiable, there is a proof of ownership and authenticity, and the artist can be justified to royalties through the smart contract,” says Moshe but points out as well that art still has to remain art and not a tool for easy money.