4ARTechnologies delights startups and entrepreneurs at the Digital Lions Expo

Nov 3, 2022

The Digital Lions Expo showcases partners who demonstrate transformations in complex business areas bringing digital and forward-thinking solution models. 4ARTechnologies is part of this event on the 3rd of November with a keynote and a live performance.  


  • Niko Kipouros, founder and board president of 4ARTechnologies, is delivering the keynote “Digital transformation in the art market & new perspectives”. Kai Zeh, CEO and Serge Poliakov, CMO are also taking part in the conference.
  • 4ARTechnologies is also featuring the artist Nicolas Constantin, internationally known as “Nicko”. He is offering a surprise live performance on-site. The artist has a very successful career as a creative head and graphic designer for brands like Red Bull, H&M and Swatch, to name a few. As a street artist he painted for the YAAM open-air gallery and has several pieces in the open space.