4ARTechnologies in the second edition of arte Meetup Zug

Sep 8, 2022

Now that the summer is coming to an end, we put forward more events and possibilities. 4ARTechnologies invites to the arte Meetup Zug next Monday, 12th of September from 18.30 – 21.00h at SHED Zug. With the slogan “Come for the meetup, stay for the community!” this event unites Web3 communities and individuals to foster collaboration, creativity, and connection. 


  • In this issue, Dino Lewkowicz, Director at 4ARTechnologies, will talk about the specifics of NFT+ and how it will positively impact and change the art world. We will also give investors and art lovers an exclusive look at 4ARTechnologies’ highly interesting and potential NFT+ collection.
  • Several investors have registered already to know more about fractionalization and the creation of NFT++ as well as to exchange with their peers.
  • Together with Crypto Oasis and the INACTA Group, we want to create an environment that makes it possible to move safely and profitably in the world of art and technology.