4ARTechnologies investors gathered at an event in Tuttlingen

Jul 7, 2022

On the 25th of June friends and family from the 4ARTechnologies community gathered to learn about the most recent developments, partnerships and updates in the company.


Rolf Maier, main investor, Dino Lewkowicz, Director, Kai Zeh, CTO and CEO, and of course, Niko Kipouros, founder and president of the board of directors, displayed a dynamic presentation with the following topics:


Positive development of 4ARTechnologies & 4ART ecosystem

  • Further development of the 4ART App family
  • Establishment of new NFT standard: NFT+
  • Successful launch of the Art NFT+ marketplace
  • Significant user growth in the 4ART ecosystem
  • Important partnerships
  • Numerous active white label projects
  • Wide reach of our marketing activities
  • New promising product for artists and galleries
  • Future project – physical marketplace
  • Significant revenue increase
  • Trendsetting technologies from 4ARTechnologies


Finances and strategies

  • Participation certificates – conversion of shares without voting rights to shares with voting rights
  • Strategic IPO planning
  • Global market entry
  • New reach
  • Achievements¬†¬†
  • Marketing activities
  • Customer retention and support