4ARTechnologies streamlines the 4ART Ecosystem constantly

May 12, 2022

Being in the tech space, things have to change very quickly. Our clients know the importance of being up to date with our tools to keep our mission of revolutionizing the art world and this is why we are constantly optimizing and fixing the 4ART App.


Updates in Exhibition App:

  • Contacting Owner is easier via chat
  • Support of Community Compilations. User compilations published in Exhibition App
  • New display of the overview screen
  • Portrait mode is optimized 


4ART App in iOS:

  • Community Compilations. Users can request publication of their compilations in the Exhibition App
  • Marketing Packages
  • Push to Marketplace for NFT+ in USD


Marketplace Web:

  • Payment with Paypal was added


Marketplace Android:


  • Payment with Paypal was added
  • Payment with Credits/Coins was optimized


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