One day – one year NFT+ Project: Tirage Unique and 4ARTechnologies

Aug 10, 2022

“Tirage 1/1” gallery and 4ARTechnologies present an NFT project of Russian artist Daniil Arhipenko. Within the “One day – One Year” project Arhipenko is creating one NFT artwork and one painting every day during the year.

Every day during the year, Arhipenko is creating two pieces of art: a canvas painting and a digital work. This project represents a great investment opportunity, and it is an important collection in the recent history of NFT+

  • Every day the artist mints an NFT+ with 4ARTechnologies and the pieces are offered in 4ART Marketplace.
  • We already observe strong and international attention to the project and as a company also strive to strengthen this positive trend through our marketing and network activities.
  • For the buyers of the NFTs, we are looking forward to a highly lucrative art investment.
  • From 15-17.09. on Cosmoscow this project will be presented live and will be awarded.
  • The artworks will constitute a year and become the basis for a new artistic language (significant calendar dates and future letters) and are already for sale.
  • In July 2023, the ‘One Year’ collection will be auctioned on 4ART App.
  • Upon its completion, the owners of each token will also be able to put the purchased NFT on the ‘One Year’ auction.