Significant updates in the structure of our ecosystem

Jul 29, 2022

During the summer we have made several changes and additions to make the 4ART App even more user-friendly. In terms of usability, some of the updates offer the possibility to speed up, even more, the compilation and presentation of one’s works and exhibitions to intensify their exposure to a wider international audience. Some functions now allow better handling and new automations.

The features include:

  • 4ART Passport Certificate as pdf in the documents section. New artwork registrations receive this automatically when registering the artwork. Existing ones are successively updated.
  • Apple Feedback and Rating. As usual with other apps, every 4 months the user is asked to give a rating for the 4ART App.
  • Artists that transfer their own artworks only have to pay 50%.
  • Optimized Loading behavior for the “Track” functionality.
  • Not visible/activated: Archive for older notifications. Only notifications of the last three months are displayed in the message center. This makes loading faster. 
  • New lighting at artwork registration (3D lighting selection) and at authentication of new works. 
  • QR for easy sharing. At sharing of compilations, users can now also share a QR, that leads directly into the Exhibition App.

The design and the functions of the app will be further enhanced in the coming weeks. Be surprised!