Updates in 4ART App – March 2022

Apr 1, 2022

Our team is constantly optimizing the user experience as well as the technical aspects of the 4ART App. Our clients must have the best tool to make their processes effective or be able to enjoy art in the simplest way possible.

The new version of iOS 4ART App (2.8.7) was released and has the following features include:

  • Possibility to buy 4ARTCoin within the app (or convert them into credits)
  • Push to Marketplace: chance to select a banner/thumbnail to display in the marketplace
  • Choose between different percentages of royalties when creating NFT+
  • Zoom in to pdf documents related to artworks and NFT+ 
  • User registration is simpler and still safe for all clients
  • Ability to choose between 1-3 fingerprints when creating a 4ART Passport
  • Multi-page documents as a single file
  • Various optimizations have been made to the artists’ catalogs