4ARTechnologies NFT+ marketplace reaches it’s 1st milestone

Feb 5, 2022

At the launch of the 4ART Marketplace on January a total of 2,179 authentic NFT+ had already been minted with the highest possible security standard via the 4ART App. 

Within a few hours, NFTs worth $355,766.56 were sold. Currently, the marketplace offers high-quality fine art NFT+ worth $1.172.024,52.


The first curated exhibition in collaboration with Palm


11 individual artists and 3 collectives in Digital Baroque: History Meets Algorithm. This collaboration with Palm brings mesmerizing artworks carrying historical meaning. More than 2.500 visitors in the marketplace have enjoyed the pieces and the average number of prospective buyers is 102 per artwork.

Our branding reach increased during the weekend from 521,2k to 1,1 million people interested in our Digital Baroque Marketplace communications.

Enjoy the exhibition before it ends!